Panda Show, Las Vegas

Welcome to the smart, kind and breathtaking show about Long Long rescuing the Princess from Demon! You will definitely enjoy this warm story, and so will your kids.

Panda Show Las Vegas Tour

The show about Long Long – a heroic panda rescuing Peacock Princess from Demon Vulture – is as visually stunning as it is warm and kind. Meet your beloved characters – from Long Long to the Immortal Old Man – and watch the story of true love!

The show features high-flying acrobatics performed by the masters of the China National Acrobatic Troupe, as well as the sensational Masters from the Shaolin Temple – the birthplace of Kung Fu. Enjoy the show’s wonderful music and dancing, and dive into the mythology of the story that is a blend of Eastern and Western philosophy, beliefs and ideas!

Tour description
Tour price$88.00
Tour duration1 day
Type of activityShows & Events
Start cityLas Vegas, NV, USA
End cityLas Vegas, NV, USA
OperatingApr 9th – Dec 31st : Sun/Mon/Tue/Fri/Sat