Grand Canyon Helicopter, Bullets, and Burgers Tour

This unfrogettable tour will take you over one of the most exciting natural wonders the world can boast – Grand Canyon – on a helicopter, and afterwards you will enjoy a one in a lifetime ‘Bullets and Burgers’ experience.

Grand Canyon Helicopter, Bullets, and Burgers Tour

This luxurious tour will take you to the USA’s number one natural wonder of the world. Embark on board of a VIP 5-star helicopter with its extra comfortable seats and enjoy panoramic views that are totally unrestricted due to special design of the helicopter and the seats.

From above, you will see the Black Canyon, the magnificent and famous Hoover Dam, and the Bypass Bridge, after whch you wll descend below the rim of the Grand Canyon. You will fly over Colorado River with its majestic rock formations that are aged millions of years and enjoy the amazing colors and shapes of mother nature.

After departing Grand Canyon West, you will land at the “Arizona Last Stop” that s located in the Mojave Desert, where you will have your “Bullets & Burgers” shooting adventure. Enter your private bunker, select three machine guns shoot a glock pistol, and fire off the powerful military Barrat 50 caliber sniper rifle. After the shooting, you will be served the famous burger, and after that you will be taken by a private guide to take a walk on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.

The tour’s duration is approximately 6 hours (from hotel pick-up to hotel drop off).
Filigth time: approximately 70 min
Departure Time: 7:00am & 1:00pm

Tour description
Tour price$798.98
Tour duration6 hours
Type of activityHelicopter
Start cityLas Vegas, NV, USA
End cityLas Vegas, NV, USA
OperatingJan 1st – Dec 31st : Daily