4-Night Baja Mexico Cruise – Carnival Cruise Line – Carnival Imagination

Enjoy the wonderful time on the fascinating cruise from Los Angeles to Baja, Mexico and back!

Tour Baja Mexico Cruise - Carnival Cruise Line Imagination

Day 1: Los Angeles (Long Beach), California
You will start your journey at 5:30 in the afternoon from Tinsel town – home to Carnival cruises departing from Los Angeles. Take in the awesome sights of the famous City of Angels with its shopping malls, famous museums, stars-related places and funky seaside towns! During your entire cruise you will enjoy the complimentary dinners, day and night entertainment, fitness center, golf and swimming facilites, kids’ programs, and of course complimentary room service.
Hotel: Carnival Imagination

Day 2: Catalina Island, California
Visit Catalina Island in the sunny area of Southern California! Located 22 miles from the mainland, the island is a perfect getaway place for city folks. Here you will see the seaside Avalon, tiny Two Harbors, and then get the opportunity to snorkel through thick kelp forests at Casino Point Marine Park! Also you can take kayak and glide in it into the protected caves and beaches.
Hotel: Carnival Imagination

Day 3: Ensenada, Mexico
Visit Ensenada – one of Mexico’s most successful cities that has grown from a tiny fishing village to the popular resort destiination with wonderful beaches! This place in Baja has a lot to offer, for instance the waterfront promenade, the fashionable Avenida Primera area with its famous shops, the winery of Bodega Santo Tomas, and nearby is La Bufadora – the natural sea geyser.
Hotel: Carnival Imagination

Day 4: At Sea
Today is all about relaxing on board of the wonderful ship. Enjoy the ocean view, hot tub, swimming pools, casinos, and other multiple facilities that will make your day and night!
Hotel: Carnival Imagination

Day 5: Los Angeles (Long Beach), California
Explore the famous Long Beach – with its eleven miles of beaches, dozens of parks, five public golf courses, and many more. You can also visit such historic sites as Rancho Los Alamitos, the Tall ship Californian, the Long Beach Museum of Art, and even Queen Mary Hotel.

Tour description
Tour price$179.00
Tour duration5 days
Type of activityCruise
Start cityLos Angeles, CA, USA
End cityLos Angeles, CA, USA
OperatingJun 1st – Dec 30th : Sun
Carnival Imagination (cruise ship)