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Red Rocks Getaway

Sedona hiking trip


Hike to a mesa top, relax under a blue, blue sky, and gaze around you.   This majestic scenery is awe-inspiring in the truest sense of the phrase.

Sedona hiking tripOver millions of years, the red rocks of Sedona have been sculpted into wild canyons, buttes and spires.  Formations bear fanciful names like Coffeepot Rock, Lizard Head, and Snoopy.  See why USA Weekend named Sedona the “Most Beautiful Place in America”.

This wild west landscape is also home to art galleries, ancient ruins, and New Age energy vortexes.  Whatever your beliefs, there is something that stirs the soul as the rocks glow magically in the setting sun.

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Hiking around Sedona's red rocks3 day weekend getaway
2011 Dates:
Sep 23-25

Price:  $895

Single room:  $350
Deposit:  $300