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Tropical adventure trip for women

Belize reefs & ruins tour

For a small country, Belize has a lot to offer!

On the east, it borders the Caribbean. There’s a string of small islands (cayes), and a stay here is relaxing and beautiful.

Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. You can snorkel among brightly colored reef fish (or sharks and rays!), and scuba divers can visit the world-reknowned blue hole.

caye beach

After some relaxation at the beach, it’s time to take the adventure inland, where Belize is covered with tropical jungle, dotted with ancient Mayan ruins.

Our guide is a Mayan archaeologist who worked in the ruins here for years. She knows it inside and out, and can get us special “behind the scenes” access and info!

mayan temple

And there’s more, too!

Guided nature walks to spot birds and other widlife. Night spotlight safari on the river and lagoon.

Your choice of caving adventures – strenuous or easy, and both very exciting!

Meet the locals with a hands-on traditional cooking demonstration, and a “giving back” project at the local village.