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SAVE 50% on Women's Essential Jacket
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Travel adapters

Traveling internationally with electrical items? You may need a travel adapter and/or power converter to make it work. Countries have different voltages and plugs, so you'll find the convertors and adaptors you need here.
FlipSync USB mini/USB Micro Connector
$17.50    $11.99  
Travel adapters, FlipSync USB mini/USB Micro Connector
Who wants to carry a full-length charging cable for a Smartphone when going to a trip? A much easier and more elegant solution is the FlipSync micro connector allowing to plug your Smartphone into any 2.0 USB port!
EuroSurge - Surge Protector
$59.50    $52.50  
Travel adapters, EuroSurge - Surge Protector
Protect your laptop and valuable electronics from power surge damage, with the EuroSurge. Plugs into common European sockets.
EmPower Socket Connector
Travel adapters, EmPower Socket Connector
Power your laptop during your flight with this unique charger. Plugs into sockets on aircraft equipped with EmPower connections.

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