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Tilley AIRFLO Vented Hat

Tilley AIRFLO Vented Hat

Price: $79.00

The Tilley AIRFLO Hat is a brand new lightweight hat that is outstanding hat in terms of sun protection, with UPF 50+ protection. Alex Tilley put a great deal of effort into this hot weather hat as it is made from a very lightweight Supplex nylon that comes with a mesh ventilation band designed to expand the superior breathability of the hat. This is hat that can do a lot of great work repelling rain and mildew in addition to its ability to block and reduce exposure to UVA and UVB radiation. Another big benefit? It's machine washable. And, best of all, it you want a perfect fit, all you need to do is provide the proper measurements around your head and a custom match will be provided. Lifetime Guarantee. Available in Natural with Green under-brim. (4 oz)

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