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Men's Essential Jacket by ScotteVest

Men's Essential Jacket by ScotteVest

Price: $119.50    $79.98

When you sport the Men's Essential Jacket by ScotteVest, you are prepared for whatever life and vacation throw at you. If you're tired of hauling around a tote bag and worrying about it being lost or stolen, this is the jacket that could completely replace the bag. It has over 19 pockets which are supported by ScotteVest's unique Weight Managemenet System. This system allows you to carry all of your portable electronics, guidebooks and maps, travel documents, and a variety of other personal objects without feeling heavy or off balance. It also comes equipped with special inner compartments which keep the wires from headphones neat and orderly inside the jacket.

This is a very light jacket made of cotton and nylon with a polyester lining. It is coated with Teflon which makes it more resistant to water and even stains. The sleeves add an extra touch of versatility by zipping off when not needed. It is even easy to clean, since it is machine washable.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 June 2011 22:02
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