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SAVE 54.00$ on A. Saks Ballistic Nylon Expandable Briefcase Black
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"A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike."

~ John Steinbeck

Shop overview Women's travel clothing Women's travel clothing overview Women's travel clothes - Choosing your ideal travel wardrobe

Women's travel clothes - Choosing your ideal travel wardrobe

Women's travel jacket Going on a vacation or business trip can be exciting and rewarding, but one aspect many of us dread is packing our travel clothes. How do you pick the right combination of women's travel clothes to have enough outfits, without going overboard?

In addition to the hassle of lugging luggage, airlines seem to keep increasing the price to check bags, so it pays to pack smart. There are a few key tips,

that will keep your suitcase in control while providing you with all the travel clothes you need.

PLANNING IS KEY It might seem like common sense, but don't assume you know what the weather will be. Keep an eye on the ten day forecast immediately prior to your trip and plan your travel clothing accordingly. Even if you are heading to a tropical getaway, nights may get cool. You will also want to know if rain is expected, as well as any other possible weather surprises. Even though you plan for the forecast, make sure that you have some fallbacks, and travel clothes that include a light travel jacket or a warm sweater. This way you will be prepared no matter what Mother Nature decides to bring your way. Forecasters can be fallible too!

THINK ABOUT ACTIVITIES No one wants to get caught at the pool without a swimsuit, or on a hike with flip-flops. Think about what type of outdoor or indoor activities you are going to be participating in, and make sure to have travel clothes for the occasion. You can minimize your packing space by thinking about the essential travel clothes for women without any frills. If a formal night pops up, a simple (wrinkle free) little black dress always works, and you can dress it up with scarves or jewelry that take up little room.

Mix and match your women's travel clothesMIX AND MATCH When planning your wardrobe, think of items that you can mix and match with each other. By selecting a few key pieces that work together both color and style wise, you can get multiple looks out of your travel clothes while making the most of your packing space. There are certain clothiers that specialize in this design, but it shouldn't be hard for you to do yourself. Travel pants for women and travel skirts in neutral colors can go with many different tops.

LAYER Whether it is warm or cold where you will be traveling, dress in layers. This makes it easy to stretch your wardrobe while maximizing space. This also makes it easier to adapt to changing weather conditions, since you can add or take away as the weather changes. Layering also makes it easy to get multiple different looks from the same travel clothing pieces.

A scarf can jazz you your travel wardrobeACCESSORIES Every outfit can be jazzed up easily with a few simple accessories. Think of travel scarves, jewelry and hair accessories to refresh your look for a fancy addition. As a bonus, these travel clothing accessories are very light on space-consumption in your bag, and a few small pieces can add fun and flair to your wardrobe.

There aren't many of us who don't like to ogle new items in local shops, so make sure to leave room in your bag to take a few treasures home. The easiest way is to buy a couple of nice jewelry items or accessories that you can enjoy while still on your trip, and then stow away for an easy transport home.

EASY CARE When traveling, it's nice to opt for low maintenance, wrinkle free, women's travel clothing. Why spend your precious vacation time ironing, when you could be sipping a mai tai by the pool? Polyester blends and lycra mixes are ideal choices, as well as good wrinkle resistant pants and skirts. If you have items that must be ironed, call ahead and verify whether the hotel has an iron available for use with your travel clothes, or if you need to pack your own. Don't forget to put a baggie with powdered detergent in your bag, just in case you need to wash out some things at the hotel. Having your soap ready makes this easy, and can keep your skin safe from unfamiliar detergents.

Versatility is key for women's travel clothesWith a little bit of planning you can get more packed in less space, and have what you need, too! Rather than just adding more travel clothes to the suitcase, smart planning, shopping and packing can give you more variety and flexibility for your trip out of town. Don't forget that you might even want to extend this mindset to your closet! Having the best quality pieces of travel clothing, purchased with an eye to versatility, makes your travel wardrobe much more flexible.

How to pack like a pro