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SAVE 28% on American Flyer AF Signature 4-Piece Luggage Set Light Purple - American Flyer Lu
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Travel Purses: 6 Great Styles

Travel purses come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, with lots of different features. Here are a few favorites styles to consider, with notes about what's good on each one. You can then weigh your own priorities, to find the travel purse that's right for you.

leather healthy back bag1. I've used an Ameribag Healthy Back Bag for years, and I love it. These purses have a unique ergonomic shape that's designed to distribute the weight to minimize stress on back, neck or shoulders. As a result, you can carry a heavy purse for hours of sightseeing, more easily than with many other shoulder bags. Since my travel purse is often weighed down with camera, guidebooks, and other travel essentials, this is great! It's big enough to carry what I need, and has inside and outside pockets to keep it all organized. (Available in various colors.)

dopp deluxe organizer travel purse2. For the ultimate in organization, look for a travel purse with lots of compartments, such as the Microfiber Seven Pocket Bag. This organizer travel purse has multiple pockets for your phone, glasses, and other essentials. One pocket has an organizer panel, and there's a removable ID wallet to hold ID, credit cards, and cash in multiple currencies. No more rummaging in a big purse looking for your passport, lipstick, or the address of the hotel -- you'll have a place for everything, and everything in its place.

security travel purse3. Some places in the world you need to be more concerned about theft than others, and this is where a security travel purse is best. The TourSafe Large Security Handbag has a number of security features, including a steel-reinforced strap and Exomesh slash-proof panels, to foil slash-and-grab thieves. Locking zippers frustrate would-be pickpockets. It's spacious without being huge, and has plenty of pockets to keep your things organized. The flexible design can convert from a shoulder to a hand strap.

piel drawstring backpack travel purse4. Nothing beats the hands-free convenience of a backpack style travel purse, and the Piel Top Flap Drawstring Backpack Purse is a great example. This trendy design looks good for city outings, and you could use it out on the trail, too. It's made of high-quality leather, so it will last for years, and the straps are adjustable to fit you. Unlike some backpacks that have a single cavernous compartment, this has numerous special pockets to keep what you need easily accessible.

dressier security travel purse5. For a dressier purse design, something like the Small VaultPro OnTour Tote is a great choice. This travel purse has a wealth of practical features, and doesn't sacrifice style to do it. The basket-weave exterior look soft, but hides steel reinforcements. Along with the steel-reinforced strap and the locking zippers, these security features will go a long way to stopping would-be robbers. There are multiple pockets, and an organizer panel too, so you can always find what you're looking for.

small leather travel purse6. At the small end of the scale, the Derek Alexander Leather Alternatives Small Organizer is just 6" tall. Keep your passport, phone, credit cards, lipstick, and other essentials with you in this small, lightweight bag. It's incredibly flexible - you can wear it on your shoulder or around your waist. There are multiple compartments, pockets, and card slots to keep things organized, and this purse is made of top grain leather. One more option... You can use this as a small mini-purse inside a larger purse, and just pull it on its own out when you don't need everything. It's perfect for evenings, when you don't want to carry all the things you need during a day of sightseeing.

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