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SAVE 31% on Travel Easy-Stride Skirt
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"What should I have known or written had I been a quiet mercantile politician or a lord in waiting? A man must travel... or there is no existence."

~ Lord Byron

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Shop overview Travel bags & purses Laptop bags Cool laptop bags for women

Cool laptop bags for women

Red brocade laptop caseFinally, people have realized that laptop bags don't have to be boring, and they don't have to be black either! I've been longing for ages for a really cool, colorful laptop case, and I just found the answer to my prayers.

Mango Tango has a line of styling laptop bags for women, with colors and textures that suddenly (for the first time, believe me) make me enthusiastic about laptop cases. Holy moly, what's happening here? All of a sudden, I want to collect them. Cool

To give you a whiff of what's available, here are a few of my favorites:

Mock croc laptop bag

Oooooh... shiny mock croc looks so sleek and elegant! It comes in brown or black, and I have to admit this bag in black looks a whole lot cooler than any black laptop bag I've ever had before! But though brown and black are sophisticated, it's the blue that really stands out in a crowd. This is NOT your father's laptop case! $54.

Pink suede laptop case

Now how about something soft and pink instead of shiny and blue? You're in luck! They've got a number of suede or faux suede laptop bags, including this lovely quilted pink and black number in faux suede. The satin lining feels like it's worthy of carrying my beloved mac, and like all of them, it's padded for protection. After all, half my life is on that machine! $44.

Green brocade laptop bags

Maybe instead of either shiny or soft, you're into smooth and satiny? Well, then this green laptop case in a Chinese brocade could fit the bill. The look manages to combine "sophisticated, worldly, and capable" with "creative, sensual, and not afraid to go her own route". Now that's a combination I like! Different color brocades are available. Green brocade laptop bag, $65.

Distressed leather laptop cases

If your laptop travels many miles, the distressed leather look could be quite appropriate. After all, as you distress it more and more in its real-world travels, it just looks that much more like it was supposed to! This is no rough & tumble laptop bag, though. It's still satin lined and padded, and has pockets for cell phone, pens, and business cards. Distressed leather laptop case, $34.

These are a few of my faves, and you'll find more in Laptop bags...



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