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SAVE 71% on Woolrich Landry Wool Vest
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"Something that involves travel, that is all I ever wanted to do.  I want to be a professional vacationist."

~ Alison Armitage

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Men's travel clothing - Choosing good travel clothes

men's travel shirts Taking the right combination of men's travel clothing can save a lot of frustration on your next big trip. Women are famous for packing an endless line of bags for the smallest trip, and still not having everything they need. (Sorry ladies, but a recent survey showed the average woman took 7 pairs of shoes on a trip!) If you don't want to do this yourself, it's time to learn how to pack light without sacrificing things that are really needed.
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Video Review: "Toothbrush nightmare"

Question - What's one thing you travel with that goes in your mouth every day? Yep, the picture gives it away, right? Wink

Now -- do you know what goes on with your toothbrush when you're not using it? It's a question I never gave much though to.

Then came one fateful night that changed everything...

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Travel Purses: How to pick a good one

travel pursesYou're headed off on the big vacation, bubbling over with anticipation of exotic locations, enticing cuisine, and adventurous escapades. It's an exciting time indeed! Among the myriad concerns you have getting ready for a trip, it's a good idea for women to take a moment and think about travel purses. That's right -- you may want a special purse just for travel.

Seasoned travelers often have special travel purses
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