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Whale Watching Expedition

During this whale watching tour you will get the unique opportunity to view the gray whale migration during the winter and spring months, and the blue and finback whales during the summer and fall months.
Visit one of the few places in the world that have year-round whale watching opportunities - and enjoy the experience so amazing that you will always keep it in your mind.

During one cruise you will view 6 or more whales! Apart from the giants of the sea - the blue whales, as well as the grey whales that migrate annually, you will see more rare species, such as finback, minke, humpback, and even killer. Besides, you will also see several species of dolphins: the common dolphin, the giant risso’s dolphin, and bottlenose dolphin that is unique to Southern California. Also you may get a chance to see sea lions and other marine species.

The ship you will be cruising on is extremely comfortable, is 65 feet long, and has a large upstairs sundeck, wrap-around outside seating, snack bar with food and beverages, and indoor seating with large windows. Guided by the marine biology experts, you will have time of your life exploring marine environment and its amazing inhabitants!
Tour description
Tour price$31.98
Type of activityWater Activities/Cruises
Start cityNewport Beach, CA, USA
End cityNewport Beach, CA, USA
OperatingMay 1st 2014 - Oct 31st 2014: Daily
May 1st 2015 - Apr 30th 2016: Daily
Nov 1st 2014 - Apr 30th 2015: Daily
, 12/25/14, 01/01/15, 05/26/15, 07/04/15, 09/01/15, 11/27/15, 12/25/15, 01/01/16
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