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6-Day Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang Tour (4-Star, Private)

China is a miracle on Earth, with its diverse nature and abundant cultural sights, its unique habitats and cheerful and wise people. This 6-day tour to Urumqui - Xinjiang Uyghur, the Autonomous Region of China - will show you some glimpses of this country that will enchant you forever.
Day 1: Urumqi arrival
Meet your guide at Urumqi Airport and go to your hotel.
Hotel: Orient Dynasty Hotel or similar.

Day 2: Urumqi: Nanshan Grasslands, Xinjiang Museum & Erdaoqiao Bazaar
After breakfast, travel to the Nanshan Grasslands dotted with "yurts" - houses of Kazakhs. This is where people graze their herds. Visit a traditional Kazakh yurt, and in the afternoon go to see the Xinjiang Museum. Here you will see, among other attractions, the "Loulan Beauty" - the body of an Indo-European woman in her 40s with reddish-brown hair. The body has been preserved remarkably well thanks to the dry desert climate, and its age is anything between 3,800 and 6,000 years! After that, visit a 130-year-old Erdaoqiao Bazaar. Here you will have a chance to buy some of the best souvenirs, while observing the local community of Uyghur and Kazakh people.
Hotel: Orient Dynasty Hotel or similar

Day 3: Urumqi - Turpan. Kumtag Desert, Gaochang Ruins & Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves
After breakfast travel by car to the Kumtag Desert. It forms the eastern boundary of the Taklamakan Desert's Turpan Basin, and it is a really enchanting sight, with the vast expanse of arid landscape and sand dunes. After that continue your journey to Turpan which is the second lowest point on earth after the Dead Sea and a significant Uyghur agricultural town. Visit some of the place's most important attractions - the Asanta Graves, Gaochang Ruins that are home to the remains of an old Buddhist monastery, and the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves - one of the largest Buddhist grotto complexes in Xinjiang with frescoes and statuary.
Hotel: Hongxin Hotel or similar

Day 4: Turpan - Dunhuang by train. Jiaohe Ruins, Sugong Tower & Karez Water System
After breakfast visit the Jiaohe Ruins - a 2,000-year-old Silk Road city located on an island in the middle of the river that flows through the Yarnaz Valley. Visit the Sugong Tower, a.k.a. the "Turphan Tower" or "Emin Minaret" - the largest Islamic minaret in China. Besides you will see the ancient karez water system that brought water and life to Turpan and beyond from the 1st century BC! After dinner you will board the night train to Dunhuang.
Hotel: You will spend the night on the train

Day 5: Dunhuang. Mogao Caves & Mingsha Hill
Arrive to Dunhuang by train early in the morning - and the entire day of sightseeing is ahead of you! Dunhuang is a desert town near the old Silk Road that boasts the Mogao Caves - an astonishing archaeological treasure carved out of bedrock and cliffs. The caves contain some fine samples of stunning Buddhist paintings and artifacts. You will also get a chance to visit Mingsha Hill - the beautiful 'singing' sand dunes that make a song-like noise when you walk on them.
Hotel: Dunhuang Hotel or similar

Day 6: Dunhuang departure
After breakfast you will have a transfer to the Dunhuang airport.
Tour description
Tour price$706.84
Tour duration6 days
Type of activityBus/Coach
Start cityUrumqi, XJ, CHN
End cityUrumqi, XJ, CHN
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