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Women adventure trips

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One of the best things about these tours is meeting other terrific people.  Women attracted to these tours are fun-loving, with an adventurous spirit, a love for the outdoors, and a natural curiosity.  Women on a tour tend to share common interests, and are open to new people and ideas.  Friendships that develop on a trip may last for years after.

Our guests are women, 20s to 70s, with 40s & 50s the most common.  Women often ask if they're too old or too young for a tour.  It's not about your age!  It's really a matter of whether the tour activities are physically suitable for you, and whether it's something you'll enjoy.  Our tours are designed for women who are keen to try an active alternative to staying indoors, playing online Bingo Games, or watching TV. We've had 70-year old women hiking in the desert or zip-lining in Costa Rica, while some 30-year olds wouldn't want to do the same things.

Most women take these tours on their own.  About 70% of our guests are solo travellers, who prefer the companionship and security of being with a group vs. travelling alone.  Some women come with a friend or group of friends.  Some come with a relative - you may see sisters, or a mother and daughter doing a women's tour together (a great bonding experience!) 

Typical accommodations on our women's tours are double occupancy, two beds, with a private bath.  If you're travelling solo, we're happy to pair you up with somebody else to share a room.

For solo travellers who would rather have a room of their own, this can usually be arranged, with payment of a single supplement.  There's NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT if you're willing to share a room.

Our women's tours stay at nice and comfortable hotels, with preference for properties that capture some of the unique character of a place.  This varies widely by place.  In Italy, you might stay in a renovated convent, in New Mexico in a historic adobe, and in Costa Rica in a jungle lodge.  

On all of our women tours, accommodations are clean, safe, and comfortable.  Details on hotels for each tour are available - see Trips for women.

Small group size
Sharing experiences with other women on your tour adds to the fun, and you'll gain insights from fellow travelers.  We keep our groups small, with most trips limited to 10 or 12 guests.  We don't troop around with 25 women, so you feel like you're out with friends, not part of a herd.  Small group travel is less intrusive, and provides a better experience for everyone.

How active?
All of our women's tours are active. This is about being out in the world and doing things, not watching through the window of a bus

We like to include different types of activities on a trip. I adore hiking, but even I don't want to be hiking every day.  It's more fun to mix it up a bit. You might be hiking one day, touring ancient ruins the next, and then off on a boat trip. Each women's tour is different, but there's always a mix of activities.

Specific activities vary by trip.  See the list of trips for women, to find a tour with activities that are right for you.

Trip leaders
The trip leaders take care of everything during the trip, coordinating your transportation, checking you into hotels, leading the way on our hiking trips for women, and much more.  They don't just give you a map and send you off on your own - they're right there with you. 

Our guides love the special things about a place, and share their enthusiasm.  We normally use female guides, but may use a male guide when that's the best person for the job.  They're also selected for their ability to get along with people and encourage group camaraderie.

Good food is very important, and may provide a lasting trip memory.  We select restaurants carefully, looking for great cuisine, regional specialties, and enjoyable ambience.

Most women don't like to eat three huge meals a day on tours, though it's natural to eat more on an active vacation than you do at home.  We typically start with breakfast at the hotel, then a moderate lunch (sometimes a picnic), and a wonderful dinner ends the day on such a great note.

Many of our women tours also leave you free for an occasional meal on your own.  If you've had a hankering for something in particular, or just want something small one evening, this leaves your options open.

Our media coverage
We're proud that Adventurous Wench has appeared in the media many times. You'll find a partial list of places we've appeared on our Media page.

Our commitment
At Adventurous Wench, we're dedicated to adventure for women, and are committed to giving you the best vacation experience possible.  We can't guarantee it won't rain, but we can guarantee that we'll do our best to meet or exceed our promises and your expectations.  From your first phone call or e-mail, we're attentive to your wishes.  We'll help you decide what trip is right for you.  Once you book a tour, we'll send you an Adventure Essentials packet to help you prepare for your trip, so you can enjoy it to the maximum.  On the trip, our guides are there to see to all your needs, and help you have the vacation you so richly deserve.

More questions?  Try general information.

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Small group size for best experience

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Experienced trip leaders

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