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Travel clothes and accessories

What do you need for your trip? You'll find lots of ideas in our travel store - travel clothing, travel accessories, packing supplies, luggage, and more.
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arrow Women's travel clothing - What the Adventurous Wench wears on her vacations and getaways. Find practical and stylish travel clothes for women who love travel and adventure.

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arrow Travel purses and bags - Laptop cases, travel purses, fanny packs, tote bags. You know how it is when you travel - you've got a lot to carry! These travel purses, cases and totes will help.

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women travel

mayan cave in belize

mykonos, greece

Travel tips, tales & inspirations

Our travel blog is full of useful travel tips, tales of our adventures, and photos and information about the places we go.

arrow Enjoy inspirational and funny quotes and musings, about travel, life as a single woman, and the spirit of adventure.

arrow Get a feeling for what our women's travel tours are like, with our "So there we were..." posts.

arrow See travel photos and videos from our trips.

arrow Find out more about the places our women's tours visit, with Destination tidbits.

Find all this & more on our travel and adventure blog.


women travel

hiking in sedona

on the ferry

snorkeling in the bvi

Women travel on fun, active trips!

Women's travel means fun, exploring and socializing with fellow adventurers.  Enjoy an adventurous, active vacation for women only - outdoor adventure by day, and superb food and comfort at night.  Perfect vacations for single women and solo travelers -- women's travel tours are easier & safer than going on your own, and so much more enjoyable!

Ready for adventure?  Women love these high-quality women only travel tours.

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 "Looking for a girls only getaway?  The Adventurous
 Wench may be just the ticket" - Arizona Republic

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