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2-pack vs. an iPod

Product Reviews: MyTagalongs and Kushyfoot

I recently had the opportunity to check out a few travel-related products from MyTagalongs (a company that says it makes products for women on the move), and Kushyfoot (a company that wants to pamper your feet). From disposable underwear to massaging socks, here's the scoop... Read article...

Spy vest?

Spy vest - Product review (video)

This travel vest solves some problems, and makes me feel like a secret agent, too. The video explains it all, showing this travel vest inside and out, and what makes it unique. In the course of my travels, I run across numerous travel problems, and products that solve them (or claim to)... Watch the video...

Searching for solutions

Toothbrush nightmares (video)

Toothbrush nightmares! I know it sounds bizarre. But if you saw what I saw, you might have them too! Watch video for the full horrific story, and a solution too... Watch the video...