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Influenza virus particle

Travel insurance and swine flu

If there's a disease outbreak like swine flu, what does your travel insurance cover? This recent information release from Travelex (our partner for travel insurance) is great information on what would happen if YOUR trip were to be affected by something like this! Here's a rundown on possible situations... Read article...

The oh-so-critical hard disk

Glad I have a time machine!

Last week, my beloved MacBook died. In the middle of watching a video, it seized up and gave me the spinning beach ball. (The one that looks so incongruously cheery, for something you're never happy to see!) It then refused to restart, showing only the white screen of death, with a mysterious flashing folder... Read article...

Digging in the sand

Solving problems in the sandbox

I just ran across a cool tool - the "Big Dig" over at Idea Sandbox. They describe this as a set of thought starters and problem solving techniques, collected from great thinkers and writers. If you're feeling stuck on a particular problem - whether a business issue, personal matter, or writer's block... Read article...


Are you sharing files with everyone in the airport?

Recently when I've turned on my mac while sitting at the airport, I've been surprised to find complete strangers showing up under my "Shared" section in the Finder. Not being nosy, I didn't go poking around in their stuff, but more concerning, were other people able to see (and poke around in) my files? ... Read article...