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Around Austria By Car - Part 4: First Day With Great Weather And Lots Of New Impressions!

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So - this is our fourth day in Austria, and there is still a lot to be seen! We get up in the morning, have a huge breakfast and go to see the lakes. This is the first day with a good weather! No rain, nice clouds and sun that is coming out from time to time. Not too hot, not too cold… just the right weather for sightseeing!

The first lake has an amazing view… with the mountains and the forest surrounding it and the small little chalets at the mountain top… There are so many bicyclists around the area that we suddenly get an urge to stay there too, enjoy the views, visit multiple cafés and restaurants – and of course do a bit of cycling as well! But we’ve already got plans, and we still need to do a lot more sightseeing and besides the water is still quite chilly – so we go around the lake to see the Ossiach Abbey, the Castle Landskron (which is quite impressive, although is all in ruins), and then go to another lake, Wörthersee – the warmest lake in Austria. We stop by Maria Wörth church and enjoy the park near it.

Further along the lake there is Piramidenkögel – a peak with an excellent view to the lake that is 1700 meters high. We take an elevator to this peak and enjoy the view to both lakes through the binoculars, looking close at the boats and the houses and the rest of the beautiful views of the neighborhood.

After Piramidenkögel we go to the Minimundus – ‘the world in miniature’ exhibition. Again – a couple of dozen minutes spent in a fight for a space in two huge parking places – and here we go, after making several circles around the parking zone, we manage to get into a free space. So we become absolutely firm in our conviction that parking is quite a problem in Austria…

Anyway, most important is Minimundus. Here it is possible to see all most famous and amazing buildings and sights of the whole world in about an hour or two! We really loved viewing them, taking pleasure in both looking at those that we did not yet have a chance to see ‘in full scale’, and those that we have seen in the original and could compare to their Minimundus counterparts! Here we found Eiffel Tower, Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, White House, the launch pad of the space shuttle – and many, many other amazing constructions. You may see some of them at the photos, but we highly recommend that you see them with your own eyes!

We found the Vatican square – we recently took photos in the actual, ‘full-size’ location, so it’s really kind of cool to make a similar photographs not under the column but above it. All the buildings are recreated just the way they are – with the scale about 1:25, and all of them being made really meticulously, with the slightest and finest details of the originals reproduced… If you photograph them separately, so that the scale is not noticeable at the picture, you can hardly tell them at the photos from the original ones. Some of the constructions are animated! The small mills are working, the small trains are going to and fro, the crane is loading and unloading the cargo… So, it is quite interesting and impressive!

However, two hours there is more than enough, because after that, your brain just cannot perceive any more information. So we say goodbye and thank you to the Minimundus and have lunch – of course, schnitzel, because it is so traditional for Austria!

Although we have fulfilled our plans for the day, there was still plenty of time so we decided to see something we planned to visit later during our trip and went to Magdalensberg that was only about 12 miles from our hotel. Again – the road with abrupt turns and the cows walking freely alongside. We looked at the excavation sites that featured the remnants of Celtic and Roman cultures, and then got ourselves onto the top of the hill and enjoyed the wonderful sunset.

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