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Bash Bish Falls And The Legend Of A Beautiful Mohican Woman

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Notwithstanding the fact that Massachusetts is one of the densest populated states in the USA, its territory is full of natural wonders. The most popular corners of the nature are the Berkshire Hills and Cape-Cod shore. And one of the most exciting tourist attractions of the area is, beyond any doubt, Bash Bish Falls - the highest - 18 metres - waterfall in the state...Anyone who has visited the Bash Bish Falls at lease once, always want to come back. Because the view is truly mesmerizing, and the beauty of the waterfalls is able to amaze even those who have seen lots of other wonderful places. The waterfalls are not huge, unlike Niagara or those in Switzerland but - oh my, they are truly able to impress! And it is not only about the way they look, but also the way the water smells and gives this fresh smell to the atmosphere and the surrounding.

On the way to the falls, I saw a sign indicating the border between the states of New York and Massachusetts. A very popular place among tourists for taking a photo - I almost regret I did not take one... although this might be a good reason for me to go there again.

You can get to the Bash Bish Falls either from the Massachusetts Bash Bish State Park (if you are not looking for an easy way - because the path to the falls from there is short but quite challenging!) - or from Taconic State Park in New York where the road is longer but significantly better and easier to walk. By the way, according to this the Taconic State Park, the Bash Bish Falls are the attractions of this very park - which is not correct factually but what choice does this park have if the falls attract so many people?

Oh, and by the way, there is a beautiful legend about the Bish Bash Falls. It says that the waterfalls are named after a beautiful Mohican woman Bash-Bish who was accused of adultery and condemned to death - although she claimed she was innocent. She was supposed to be executed by being tied to a canoe that was to be drawn by the deadly current of the waterfall. However, when the Indians gathered near the waterfall to perform the execution of the beauty, suddenly a cloud of bright butterflies appeared out of the blue and surrounded Bah-Bish's head, after which she dashed away and flung herself into the water of the falls... Her body was never discovered. Bash-Bish was pronounced a witch among her fellow Indians, and her infant daughter named White Swan was adopted and risen by the tribe.

When White Swan grew up and married, she had problems conceiving a child, and therefore her husband had to take a second wife for bearing his heir. White Swan took this situation with a great concern and became very disappointed, and nothing and nobody could break her melancholy and make her feel better. One night she dreamt of her mum, Bash-Bish, who was calling out to her from beyond the waterfall and urging her daughter to join her. White Swan did not know what to do because she believed that dreams were prophetic, so she spent several days sitting next to the waterfall and waiting for her mother to send her some signal. And it came right at the time when White Swan's husband came to the waterfall to talk to his sweetheart and give her a pure white butterfly - the gift that he brought to her.

The girls suddenly plunged into the water, just as her mother did several years ago, and the butterfly followed her. The young man threw himself into the waterfall in a vain attempt to rescue White Swan - but he was immediately killed by the current and the rocks... And whereas his broken body was later discovered by the tribe, no traces of White Swan's body were found.

This amazing legend has been preserved through the ages and explains the origin of the waterfall's name. Moreover, in Bash-Bish waterfalls, some people can still see the shape of a woman under the cascading water of the falls...

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