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Product Reviews: MyTagalongs and Kushyfoot

Deanna Keahey  ·  Jun 19, 2010  ·  3 Comments

I recently had the opportunity to check out a few travel-related products from MyTagalongs (a company that says it makes products for women on the move), and Kushyfoot (a company that wants to pamper your feet).

2-pack vs. an iPod

2-pack vs. an iPod

From MyTagalongs come the Wear Once Panties. I've seen other disposable underwear that left me thinking "oooh... I don't think so", but these are different. First of all, they're tiny. Each pair is about as big as a lipstick, and the 2-pack is comparable to my iPod. Second, they actually feel like material, not paper. You'll know they're not silk, but hey, you're only paying about $1 each. Third, they're fairly comfortable to wear - not bulky or baggy, with thin fabric and a fit like real underwear (choice of bikini or thong).

Personally, I wouldn't stock up for a whole trip with these (because I generally believe in reusing when possible), but next time I'm checking luggage, I'll certainly toss a 2-pack of these in the carry-on. Just in case, you know! And for those who really believe in reusing, you could certainly repurpose the little zippered container to carry jewelry, paper clips, or those thimbles you're collecting. ;)

Find them at

Flats to go

Flats to go

Kushyfoot created Flats to Go - a folded pair of thin flat shoes, very compact, in a cute plastic case. These are what you'd call "emergency shoes". You wouldn't wear them for regular wear (the soles don't look like they'd last long if you did), but if your feet are aching after being in heels all day, or you have a case of the new-shoe blisters, then these could be a welcome change. Back in my high-heel office days, I might have kept a pair in my desk drawer or briefcase.

From a travel standpoint, you could use these to wear around the hotel if your feet are sick of the shoes you've worn all day. If you're a woman who packs 7 pairs of shoes for a trip, then you won't need these. But if you're trying to travel light with just one real pair of shoes, these could be a relief at times. If I was going to pack them, I'd ditch the plastic case to save space.

Massaging socks

Massaging socks

Kushyfoot also has a wide range of socks to pamper your feet "with a massage in every step". They have a zigzag pattern woven into the soles to produce this effect. I tried their athletic socks. They're definitely cute and comfortable. Personally, I didn't notice the massage in every step, though perhaps I was focused on the pain in other body parts during that workout!

Find them at

I received a free sample of each of these products. In spite of this valuable booty, this post really is my honest opinion on them. I wouldn't think of doing otherwise! :)

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Posted from:   Tucson, AZ      Photo credit:   Deanna Keahey

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  • 1 » Product Reviews: MyTagalongs and Kushyfoot // Jun 19, 2010 at 1:30 am

    [...] Link: Product Reviews: MyTagalongs and Kushyfoot [...]

  • 2 Nicole White // Nov 17, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Wow, these are actually things that I can use. The disposable panties can really be used for travel or you can store it into that one zipper in your bag that you get to open during emergency. The flats and the socks are also not bad. Thank you for this. :)

  • 3 Trish Pierce // Nov 19, 2010 at 10:16 am

    I don't travel a lot but my soles have been nagging me. Most times I prefer not to buy from online stores especially for footwear as I want to see the material. I've bought a few pairs of slip ons which I had to give it away.But if someone who travels a lot says that the socks are good, I'll go get a few. Thanks!

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