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Photo: Sailing away in the BVI

Deanna Keahey  ·  Jun 13, 2008  ·  1 Comment

Friday adventure photo - this one from the British Virgin Islands:

BVI - sailing away on our yacht

One thing about sailing is that most of my photos end up being taken FROM the boat, not OF the boat. And the pictures I do get that are OF the boat are generally while it's "on the hook" at some anchorage.

Some smart person realized there was a business opportunity here. We were sailing along one day (just another glorious day in the British Virgin Islands!), when an inflatable dinghy zoomed up alongside, and started snapping pictures of us on our boat. They sell them to you later on the internet, and it's a cool way to get pictures of you under sail. :-)

Our BVI sailing vacations for women are our most popular trips, with some people going back year after year. It's the most beautiful, relaxing vacation possible. As a sailing enthusiast myself, I figure every day on the water is a great one! :-)

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