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So there we were... watching imminent disaster

Deanna Keahey  ·  May 11, 2008  ·  1 Comment

If you ever come to Sedona, take one of the Pink Jeep tours, and be sure to get the "Broken Arrow" tour. It's hands-down the best.

The tour involves amazing feats of driving up, down, and over the red rocks of Sedona, and you'll go places that look like they should be impossible! If you've got back problems, this isn't a wise idea, as you WILL get bounced around a lot, and grab for the "oh shit bar" frequently. It's an exciting ride! :-)

The trail is on national forest land, so although Pink Jeep company has exclusive rights to this trail for commercial operators, any Tom, Dick or Harry who wants to do it on their own can give it a try.

We passed a private vehicle with a family inside, little kid waving out the window at us. A bit later, we almost saw them flip over.

Sedona - Amateur on broken arrow jeep trailWe'd just come down the very steep section shown in the photo, and they were attempting the same thing right behind us. Unfortunately, Driver Dad hadn't had weeks of training in how to maneuver this course (unlike our driver). He got his wheels in the wrong place, went way up on one side, and came within inches of flipping. He finally realized he had to back up out of that situation, so one imminent disaster was narrowly averted.

I'm sure there were some very worried people inside that vehicle, who would rather get out & walk down the hill at that point. I'd bet there were also some "I told you this wasn't a good idea" comments flowing, interspersed with a ripe selection of 4-letter words!

After the first near-miss disaster, our jeep driver continued on, so we weren't able to see the rest of the story. I certainly hope the folks behind us did better on their 2nd attempt, because it was just too scary watching them on the 1st!

We do women's trips to Sedona a few times a year, and every guest has the option of going on this jeep trip -- with a fully-trained professional driver! For anybody who's feeling the urge to drive it themselves, I'd recommend taking the tour first, and see what you're up against.

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Posted from:   Sedona, AZ      Photo credit:   Deanna Keahey

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  • 1 jeep pics // Oct 9, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Sounds like a great trip, hope I get the chance to try is soon.

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