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Ireland: Prime Minister resigns in corruption scandal

Deanna Keahey  ·  Apr 3, 2008  ·  2 Comments

Bertie Ahern, Ireland’s prime minister (also called the Taoiseach, pronounced tee-shock), is resigning due to allegations of corruption. MoneyHe's being investigated about receiving secret payments in the 1990s. Though the country did well during his tenure, the investigations finally (finally!) brought him down.

For over 10 years the Mahon Tribunal has been investigating allegations of corruption involving Mr Ahern, who has always denied any wrong-doing. In recent months the tribunal has looked into the apparently bizarre nature of Mr Ahern's finances in the 1990s when he served as Ireland's Finance Minister. ...

In the 1990s, Mr Ahern, a trained accountant, did not hold a personal bank account preferring to cash his salary cheques in his local north Dublin pub.

FishIt does seem fishy for the Finance Minister to not even have a bank account, doesn’t it?

Read the whole story at
Telegraph: Bertie Ahern resigns as Ireland's Prime Minister

We'll be visiting the Emerald Isle soon for our women's tour of Ireland. I'm sure there will be some interesting political developments before then!

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